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Mr.Venance Muliki W'ialango (picture), has been appointed Secretary General of Mouvement National de Congo - Lumumba (MNC-L)with effect from February 2009. Mr. W'ialango has been secretary general of the youth movememnt of the party of Lumumba for over 12 years now and his recent elevetion talks a lot about his industriousness and capability to handle current issues in a party whose most leaders have been living in exile.Mr. W'ialango has told reporters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that he will be going to his home constituency - Fizi in South Kivu where he says elders have asked him to become their member parliament.

Dr. Albert Onawelho, the president of MNC-L lives in London and is expected to run for the presidency in the general elections coming April 2010.

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