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When will these murders be brought to an end?


That left arm
that arm of the innocent
murderers disappeared with:
shall never be a cure
shall never be an economic talisman
shall never be source of happiness
shall never accord entry to eternity.
Shall never give peace
to murderers
to their mentors
to their admirers
to all those
who still wait, wait and wait
without taking action
in defence of life;
and now, this precious life
of Lugolola Bunzari!  


(Lugolola, a 7 year-old boy, was murdered at 5.00 am on 31st Januari 2013 at Kaliua in Tabora. His arm was chopped off and assailants disappeared with it in early morning darkness; perpetuating beliefs that parts of a body of anyone with albinism brings about wealth. Lugolola's grandpa was murdered as he was trying to put up defence. Source: Vicky Ntetema, Executive Director of of UTTS, Tanzania).

See also: facebook: ndimara tegambwage

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