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by eva ndimara 

I don’t like you
I hate you – mosquito!
Year 1990 you killed our grandpa.

You, agent of death
You plunge deep and pull out
You collect the dudus*
From the infected –
You suck with your proboscis;
Then you inject the healthy
You transmit the killer dudus
Year 2000 you killed my cousin.

I hate you agent of death!
Carrier of dangerous dudus
You proceed to inject millions
Very indiscriminately
Very criminally
Year 2010 you killed my uncle.

Who says does not care
This careless decimator
Hunting us at mid-night and on
Flimsy in size but eating populations
Year 2017 you killed my nephew.

And your life-span?
A mere seven days!
But you kill millions –
Now overwhelmed by a flying insect;
Defeated by the proboscis!
Are we crazy – crazy we all?

Here are world bodies
The UN at the helm
Here are nations
With arms and ammunitions
Killing one another
But leaving the mass killer grinning!

I don’t like it – the mosquito
We must kill it for malaria to die
Get it from me:
Malaria and mosquito
Are one and the same
Kill the carrier; malaria will go!
Destroy malaria and here, and now
The mosquito’s impotent.


*dudus: parasites

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